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About Us

About Us

TDS was born out of the idea that logistics should be simple, streamlined and tailored whether you’re a small business or a multi-national. We don’t just offer a series of services and call that “client-focused”. We create a solution that works for you and your company. The term personalised is thrown around pretty casually these days but it’s SOP around here and we should know. We started this business because we weren’t getting the attention to detail we wanted. Our company’s founders had other businesses that required value-added services such as bespoke warehouse solutions, special packaging and hand written gift cards. No one was doing it, so we did it ourselves and found out we were pretty good at it. Now we want to help service your logistics needs, big and small.

Our standards
Clients first
Personal service
Quality matters
Embrace change
Learn daily
Keep it real
Meet the team
Business Development
You’ll struggle to find anyone as excited about logistics as Sergey. He really does love the job. We all want to be like Sergey.
Managing Director
Smart, passionate and multi-focused, Alex is all about the big picture. He's a bit of a fashion plate too.
Warehousing & Fulfillment Manager
There’s one thing about Raymond we forgot to mention, his contagious smile. It's what keeps the whole office going. Everybody loves Raymond.
General Manager
Cool under pressure, Davide is the man who brings the whole operation together. He dreams of one day driving a Ferrari.
Operations Manager
Yoyo is our freight guru with more than 20 years in the game. She loves anything that comes in a container. If you want to get on her good side, bring her some gummy bears.
Information Technology
Charles may look young (high school young) but he is a master coder and IT know-it-all. His life motto is, all systems go!

Join our team

Are you organised, ambitious and like to be part of a team? What about being given lots of responsibility? If that sounds interesting to you, why not drop us a line and we’ll set up a call.