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In supply chain management, processing an order is often the most error-prone link. A smooth and seamless fulfillment strategy requires a combination of skilled staff, intelligent warehouse design and the very latest in logistics technology. At TDS we ensure your goods are correctly picked, packed and shipped to their final destination.

Pick and Pack

Pick and pack refers to the process of “picking” or “selecting” ordered products from your existing stock and “packing” them for shipment. Once picked,
goods are passed to custom-fitted packing stations with all the materials and equipment needed to complete your order, including automated
crosschecks prior to shipping. There are different factors that influence our picking method:

Product characteristics
Volume and frequency
Unit of handling
Lines per order
Number/size of SKU’s
Value-added services
Value Added Services

TDS also offers a comprehensive range of value added services at competitive rates including:

Custom report design and development
End customer service outsourcing
Extended WMS training and support services
Packaging and promotional insert design and production
Kitting (separate but related items grouped/supplied as one unit)
Label printing/removal, relabeling, care labeling
Marketplace and courier system integration
Digital marketing automation
SMS notification services
Specialist packing materials
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logico™ is TDS’ Online Management System or WMS. This sophisticated, yet easy-to-use system allows for simple, automated order processing as well as customised reports and real-time data. Forget spreadsheets, this is all the information you need at the touch of a button and can be accessed from any device, including mobile.

We can even connect directly to your system and/or to any of the major e-commerce market platforms such as Amazon or Ebay.

Stock monitoring
Our web enabled WMS provides real time monitoring of stock levels
Integrate your online store’s checkout with our WMS to auto upload orders
Pick & Pack & Dispatch
Systematic, error-free pick & pack and order consignment
Receive online reports detailing orders, inventory and replenishment