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Managing your own warehouse is a costly business. Rents are expensive and quality, knowledgeable staff is hard to find. TDS owns all of its warehouse facilities and we’re proud to say, most of our staff has been with us since the beginning.What does this mean for your business? You’ll experience faster and more efficient handling and processing of goods and that ultimately means lower costs to your business. Best of all, you’ll be free of any logistics management. Instead, you can focus on the rest of your business.

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Optimised Warehousing

High security

  • Face-recognition warehouse entry
  • State of the art monitoring and alarm systems
  • No blind spots

Storage Features

  • 24×7 temperature and ambient-controlled facilities
  • Suitable for all goods and document storage
  • Cleaned daily, pest control services every two months

Intelligent design

  • Pallet racks with adjustable shelving
  • Demarcated, free-standing pallet bays and goods receiving zones
  • Each location is barcoded to enable optimal space utilization

Storage options

Dedicated Warehouse

Our tailor-made storage solutions are designed to fit with each client’s individual needs. These bespoke services include a dedicated warehouse team, facilities and equipment.

The result is a streamline operation that provides for more effective communication and customer service.

Multi-Client Warehouse

Our multi-client services provide clients with a range of budget-friendly storage
solutions that include shared space, labour, equipment and transport.

That can mean significant cost saving to clients as well as providing them with flexible arrangements.

Specialty storage

We provide a range of specialty storage options, including wine. In fact, we are one of Hong Kong’s leading wine storage experts with certified personnel in both wine logistics and QC management:

TDS offers the following :

  • Air-conditioned storage for commercial wines; temperature range 17-22 degrees Celsius, humidity from over 50 per cent
  • Air-conditioned trucks with temperature range from 11-21 degree Celsius
  • WMS systems, wide range of racking/shelving systems, CCTV and 24-hour security alarm systems
  • One-stop service, included repacking for individual bottles and barcode capturing
  • Core practices and system requirements – temperature, humidity,lights, vibrations based on HKQAA standards
  • Certified personnel for wine logistics and QC management